Suitable for many operation fields

The winches, crane units, track equipment and other products are assembled to complete ropeways. They are used to tackle transportation tasks in inaccessible terrain such as mountainous regions, steep or hilly zones, marshland and environmentally critical areas, or to cross rivers and valleys. Our machines are not only suitable for material ropeways. Especially, our heavy winches are successfully deployed when constructing power plants, in mines or as components of a cable crane system.

Pipeline Construction

When pipelines are built in steep terrain or on rocky surfaces traditional methods and machinery quickly come to their limits. Cable crane systems offer new innovative and working solutions which can transport pipes, padding material and machinery. For this means GANTNER winches and crane units are used.

transport Material-ropeway

Case Study: Cable crane system for pipe laying on rock face

GANTNER provided a winch (drive) and a crane unit for a cable crane system used for a oil pipeline running through Mexico. The pipeline needed to overcome a very steep and rocky section. Discover more about the project.

Hydro Power Projects

GANTNER winches may be applied for several purposes when constructing a hydro power plant: as shaft winch, service winches for maintenance or assembly works, as part of a material ropeway for the transport of machinery and construction material. For such means we dispose of the necessary experience and reliable systems.

Shaft winch

Case Study: Heavy duty shaft winch for pumped storage plant

GANTNER developed and produced a shaft winch with a paylod of 60 tons, which was used to lower enormous pipes into a shaft. It was accompanied by a service winch for the installation team. Read more.

Mountain Construction Sites

Construction sites for e.g. hydro power plants or dams in mountains or other areas where no roads are built and consequently access is limited imply a huge logistical effort. Such burden can be eased by using a GANTNER cable crane system.

Material ropeway system

Case Study: Material ropeway equipped by GANTNER

A pumped storage plant in the Austrian Alps is not reachable during winter time. GANTNER provided the complete equipment including a 800 kW drive. Discover the details of the heavy duty ropeway.


Conveying materials from or into shafts is necessary in many mines. Shaft winches for material handling, rescue winches for evacuation
shafts or service winches to transport personnel and necessary material. Winches with high safety requirements are one of our core competences.

mining winch

Case Study: Egress shaft winch for deep mining shaft

In a mine in Tasmania (AUS) was installed an egress shaft winch, equipped with numerous safety features, was designed and produced by GANTNER. Get more detailed about the safe rescue winch.

Cableway industry

The ropeway construction is one of our core competencies. We develop and build among others rescue winches for cableways, winches and drives for material ropeways, crane units and many other ropeway components, such as tower elements, track rope supports and pulleys.

cableway rescue winch

Case Study: Rescue winch for a large cable car

To be able to evacuate passengers in case of incidents on the Sea to Sky Gondola in Canada, GANTNER provided a very compact and reliable rescue winch. Discover detailed information about the winch.


Easy to handle winches, sledge winches, tractor winches and other components, such as our reliable and long-lasting pulleys, are designed to transport heavy material in difficult locations – ideal for the use of mobile material ropeways for logging in the forest industry.

tractor winch

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