Cableway technology at its best

We dispose of many years of experience in the development and the construction of winches, drives, crane units and components for material ropeways. Our wide portfolio includes machinery and accessories for very different kinds of ropeways used for material and manpower transportation.

Winches & Drives

Proven and powerful machinery with electro-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic power units. They reach from 250 to 700 HP and are suitable for for smaller and large material ropeways. More about winches & drives.


Assembling & Forestry Winches

Diverse compact sled winches for small and long-distance ropeways used in the construction and forest industry as well as for assembling purposes for larger installations. More about assembling & forestry winches.

forestry winch

Crane Units

Our motorized lifting equipment is available in different models. They are able to lift loads up to 20 tons and additionally incline loads for a precise positioning. More about crane units.


Parallel Cranes

Covering a surface with a cable crane installation and moving loads in three axis converts our parallel cranes in very efficient crane constructions for hard-to-reach construction sites. More about parallel cranes.



All kind of equipment needed for material ropeways and forestry such as pulleys, line equipment, tensiniong tools, rope hoists and other very useful and high-quality equipment. More about components.