Working systems with quality-components

Being a full-range supplier for rope-transportation systems GANTNER manufactures not only winches, crane units, tractor winches and other machinery but also several components that are needed for rope-transportation. Our portfolio includes only proven articles that have particular and convincing characteristics.

Spare parts are available for all our components. A detailed list of the spare parts will be provided on request.



From small assembling pulleys for the timber industry and the installation of ropeways, universal pulleys with a wide range of application to large deflection pulleys.

cablewaay equipment

Line Equipment

Complete equipment for material ropeways. Tower systems, track rope supports, curved track rope supports, headspar supports and rope carriers. Everything available for different payloads.


Tensioning equipment

Wire ropes need to be very safe to sustain high forces. GANTNER disposes of various tensioning tools, clamps and tensioning sets for specific rope diameters.



Where wire ropes need to be tensioned, high-quality hoists are necessary. GANTNER is official importer of Habegger rope hoists. We also dispose of other rope hoist systems.


Reel Wagon

For a smooth winding of wire ropes a working device is very useful. GANTNER manufactures different models of reel wagons for an easy winding of track ropes on construction sites.