Rope tensioning with hoists.

For assembling works of cableway installations, in the timber industry and in the construction industry. Where wire ropes need to be tensioned, high-quality hoists are necessary. In Austria, GANTNER is official importer of Habegger rope hoists. Furthermore we dispose of other rope hoist systems. For detailed information download our components catalogue.

Components for highest performances

Find a large number of high-quality components and many additional useful tools for the cableway industry in our catalogue.

Spare parts are available for all our components. A detailed list of the spare parts will be provided on request.


Habegger Manual Hoists

These manual pulley blocks are characterized by their outstand¬ing quality and safety, first-class material and overload protec-tion device. At the Habegger rope hoist a wire rope is inserted through two pairs of clamping jaws. By moving of a crank arm the rope is shifted joilt- and slip-free. A lever mechanism has the effect that alternately one clamping jaw pair opens up and drags rope while the other pair stays closed. Under pressure both clamping jaws automatically lock them¬selves. Thereby the clamp pressure increases proportionally to the payload.

Habegger rope hoists are available in several seizes with nominal forces of 600 to 3.200 kg ((HIT-6, HIT-10, HIT-16, HIT-32). The special steel ropes are offered for the necessary seize with the requested diameter and in diverse lengths.

Habegger HIT TRAC Österreich

Habegger Power Driven Hoists

At the power driven hoists from Habegger (HIT-Trac) the rope is directed around the driving gear and expelled again in unencumbered condition. The wire rope of unlimited length can be inserted and detached rapidly and easily at each arbitrary position of its length. Complicated arranging of one side is not necessary. An integrated protective device in form of a slip clutch or a thermal protection preserves the rope hoist device from overload. Additionally, the devices have a limit stop switch, which stops the electric engine automatically if the load is pulled against the case.

The power driven hoists are available with an electric and fuel engine and in diverse seizes with nominal forces of 800 to 12.800 kg. (HIT-TRAC 8E, HIT-TRAC 8B, HIT-TRAC 16E. HIT-TRAC 16E, HIT-TRAC 32E, HIT-TRAC 64E, HIT TRAC 128E) Special steel ropes are offered for the necessary seize with the recommended diameter and in several lengths. Furthermore are available diverse accessories and spare parts.