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Our portfolio includes complete equipment for material ropeways. Different tower systems, track rope supports, curved track rope supports, headspar supports, rope carriers, etc. Everything available for different payloads. Download our catalogue for detailed information.

Components for highest performances

Find a large number of high-quality components and many additional useful tools for the cableway industry in our catalogue.

Spare parts are available for all our components. A detailed list of the spare parts will be provided on request.

Headspar Supports

Headspar supports can be described as non-traversable track rope supports that are fixed at the last tower of a material ropeway, just in front of the rope anchor. The modular headspar support of GANTNER is applicable for single track installations as well as for double track ropeways. For a single track ropeway it is fixed at the tower by using loops with aluminum inlays and grommets. When a ropeway disposes of two track ropes, two headspar supports are connected by a traverse which is fixed at the support itself with a grommet. Thereby, the hauling rope is guided by a pulley battery below the headspar support. When a smaller deflection angle is needed, a deflection pulley, such as the URA 200 can be applied instead of the pulley battery.

GANTNER headspar pulley blocks are employed at the last tower of a material ropeway, just in front of the rope anchor. Headspar pulley blocks allow a small tension angle and consequently a higher tensioning load than classical track rope supports. GANTNER headspar pulley blocks dispose of bronze slide bearings for small movements of the track rope. These maintenance free blocks are closed through screw caps after the insertion of the rope. Depending on the tensioning angle the load capacity varies, a detailed calculation and conscientious use is therefore recommended.
Headspar pulley blocks are used especially for mobile material ropeways and in the forestry.

Track Rope Supports

GANTNER disposes of various track rope supports in its portfolio. They are used for material ropeways of different sizes and payloads: from small material ropeways in the forestry to heavy load cable crane systems in the construction industry.
Generally, GANTNER offers track rope supports for one or two track ropes. They have polyamide hauling rope pulleys that are maintenance free thanks to their permanent lubricated antifriction bearings.

The double track rope supports can be complemented with different accessories:

  • Additional hauling rope guidance (for ropeways with circular drives) and service platforms for easier maintenance works can be fixed on the track rope support.
  • The blades for the track ropes are generally made of steel, but on demand bronze inlays are possible. They are used for permanent or long-term material ropeways. This option reduces rope-wear, due to the permanent lubricating system.
  • During the rope pull of the hauling rope, additional hauling rope pulleys can be installed, that enable smoother movements of the rope.
  • The hauling rope pulleys are generally made of polyamide but even pulleys with a rubber inlays are available.
cableway tower

Tower Systems

GANTNER offers various support systems that are used for different applications. All systems are based on a modular system. Combining the single elements a large tower can be composed.

With the System 500, the most compact, it is possible to apply the elements in a single, double, triple or quadruple construction, while the Systems 1000 and 1200 are used as single constructions. The System 500 is generally employed for smaller material ropeways and ropeways in forestry. The 1000 and 1200 towers are applied for bigger material ropeways for heavy loads. The basic elements have a length of 5 m and can therefore be transported with standard containers. The elements of the System 1200 dispose of ladders and can be complemented by service platforms.

All systems may be applicable as needle towers, A-towers as well as portal towers (width of the traverse depending on the planning). Optionally all towers can be varnished.

Rope Carrier

The modular rope carrier for double track ropes can be applied for gravity ropeways as well as for circular drive installations. The rope carrier is fixed from the bottom to the track ropes; the hauling rope is guided by a pulley in the system.

In case, that the material ropeway disposes of a circular drive, an add-on module (return rope guidance) can be fixed at the bottom part of the rope carrier. This is guiding the return rope between two additional pulleys, in order to avoid that the ropes are intersecting.