Reel wagons for a smooth rope handling.

For a smooth winding wire ropes – especially track ropes – a working device is very useful. GANTNER manufactures different models of reel wagons for an easy winding of track ropes on construction sites. For detailed information download our components catalogue.

winding device


Reel-wagons are used for the winding of track and assembling ropes of mobile material ropeways and are available in different versions.

They can be driven by a pto-shaft, with a hydraulic-drive of the towing vehicle or by a hydraulic-engine. This is applicable as additional module and could replace the pto-shaft.

Additionally the reel-wagons can be constructed on wheels or as sledge editions -depending on the loaction and usage of the machinery

Moreover, the basic model of the reel-wagon on wheels has the option of a retractable drawbar or anchor points.