Safe tensioning of track ropes.

Steel ropes need to be very safe to sustain high forces. The same is valid for the tensioning tools used at the anchors. GANTNER disposes of various tensioning tools, clamps and tensioning sets for specific rope diameters. For detailed information, download our components catalogue.

Components for highest performances

Find a large number of high-quality components and many additional useful tools for the cableway industry in our catalogue.

Spare parts are available for all our components. A detailed list of the spare parts will be provided on request.


Clamps and reeving blocks

The screw clamps from GANTNER are applied for assembly and maintenance works of large material ropeways in combination with tensioning clamp sets, but also as classical anchor clamp. Generally, the clamps are produced with a trapezoidal rope bed which enables the use of several rope diameters.

The reeving blocks from GANTNER are employed for rope anchoring and revision works of cableways with gondola. The reeving blocks are offered by GANTNER in several versions with diverse numbers of pulleys – depending on the requested payload. It is an individual article. Normally, two reeving blocks are applied for anchoring works.

tenioning track rope

Tensioning Sets

Track rope tensioning sets from GANTNER are used for the anchoring of track ropes of large material ropeways and heavy-load cable crane systems. Depending on the payload which shall be reached diverse sets or combinations of single parts of the sets are offered.

A track rope tensioning set consists of a mounting clamp, reeving blocks and one anchor clamp (one- or two-piece). Due to the mounting clamp of a track rope tensioning set it is possible to pin the track rope by means of the reeving blocks and fix it with the anchor clamp. It disposes of a fastening strap for the reeving blocks and bollards for the main tension. Generally grommet slings fixed at the anchor are mounted on these bollards, while for smaller material ropeways even anchor ropes are applied.

The assembly and anchor clamps of the track rope tensioning sets disposes as a rule of a round rope bed– specifically for a rope diameter, which is particularly sparing for fully locked wire ropes.