Designed to lift heavy material

Our product range GC includes several motorised crane units that are able to lift heavy loads which are subsequently moved along a track rope of the cable crane systems. The carriages are mostly used for material ropeways in combination with haul winches. The newest GANTNER developments are self-propelling crane units which travel along the track rope on their own. They can also be used in slightly inclined terrain.

Crane Units

Not least due to our continuous development activity, our carriages are designed to achieve outstanding performances: high loads, enormous lifting heights and particularly a great reliability are outstanding features. They are therefore use in numerous areas. From 5 to 20 tons lifting capacity. Perfect control via remote control systems and high performing winches.

Precise handling

An example is the carriage GSK 160 (predecessor of the GC200), which was generated with LCS and was awarded with the Runners Up award of the International Pipe Line und Offshore Contractors Association.

Like the present model it disposed of two lifting systems which are steered independently from each other – consequently pipes can be positioned with the greatest possible precision even in inclined areas. The control system of the carriages is simple and based on a radio remote control system that includes displays.