Moving loads in three axis

GANTNER parallel cranes are custom made concepts and constructions which are planned in detail by our project team. They are highly suitable for construction sites where heavy loads need to be loaded or unloaded over a large surface: Especially, when bridges or dams are constructed in difficultly accessible locations, such as for example in valleys or canyons.

A powerful crane construction

A parallel cable crane consists of two moveable towers, which are fixed in rails and can be moved simultaneously. A carriage (non-motorized) is moved along a track rope, which is spanned between two towers, by a haul winch. Thereby, loads can be moved in 3 axis at the same time.

As an example, our parallel cranes achieve an outreach speed of 6 m/s and a hoist speed of 3 m/s with a payload of 28 tons. The span-length, and consequently the reachable surface, are variable.


Efficient handling of construction materials

Parallel cranes are very efficient systems as they are able to handle heavy loads in a relatively short time due to their huge payload capacity and speed. By using this type of cable cranes it is possible to move large numbers of cubic metre of concrete within no time.