Cable Crane System for Pipeline Construction

Tamazunchale Pipeline Project

LCS Cable Cranes


Hidalgo, Mexico

Laying pipelines in steepest terrain

The partner company LCS Cable Cranes used a cable crane system to facilitate the construction of the natural gas pipeline in Mexico through very steep terrain.

Various components for the cable crane systems and machines were produced by GANTNER. Among other the winch GW500D with a power of approximately 550 hp was used as drive system. The crane unit GC100 with a diesel engine with 100 hp worked perfectly to bring the 36” pipes into welding position in the steep slope, thanks to its two lifting devices.

Furthermore it was very suitable for the transportation of sandbags, padding material construction equipment such as excavators and drilling equipment into the steep slope.

Another GANTNER winch was also used for the installation of the complete system and especially for the tower supports at the steepest part of the rocky slope. By the help of the winch HSW50 the individual support elements were stacked up.

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Technical Data

Have a look at the technical data of the winch in this project.  Download the data-sheet underneath the table.

Power TransmissionDiesel-hydraulic
Power403 kW / 550 HP
Max. line pull170 kN empty drum
140 kN full drum
Max. line speed4.8 m/s empty drum
5.8 m/s full drum
Line capacityØ 28 mm, 1.640 m
Dimensions drum230 x 250 x 210 cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions power unit360 x 220 x 240 cm (LxWxH)
Weight drum7.800 kg
Weight power unit7.200 kg