Egress Shaft Winch for Mining

Deep mining shaft in Tasmania

Rescue Winch

Mancala Ltd.


Tasmania, Australia

Highest safety for a mine in Tasmania

GANTNER designed, developed and produced a shaft winch for a deep mining shaft in Tasmania (AUS). The winch is designed as rescue winch for a 500 m deep vertical egress shaft, to be able to evacuate personnel in shortest time with the help of a recue capsule.

The winch follows strict safety demands of the Australian standards in addition to different international standards and directives such as excerpts of the Ropeway Directive.

The electro hydraulic winch, completely designed by GANTNER, disposes of numerous safety features such as the safety brakes composed by hydraulically controlled disc-brakes (two per side), acting directly on the drum. A large number of rope end terminations secure the rope of the winch in the way that an unintentional release or slide is made impossible. Another safety feature is the redundant valve design. Hence – in the unlikely case of component failure – a second valve can take over its role. The same is applicable for all relevant control components.

The design and programming of the control system and the wiring is made in-house by GANTNER as well.

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Technical Data

Have a look at the technical data of the winch in this project.  Download the data-sheet underneath the table.

Power TransmissionElectro-hydraulic
Power37 kW
Max. line pull30 kN
Max. line speed1,0
Line capacityØ 16 mm, 565 m
Dimensions drum295 x 180 x 158 cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions power unit183 x 172 x 162 cm (LxWxH)
Weight drum4750 kg
Weight power unit1400 kg