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Heavy winches with mooring system and remote control

GANTNER developed a special securing winch to secure massive machinery when earth works need to be performed in steep slopes and critical terrain, as it often happens at construction sites in mountains.

The winch, being positioned at the top of the slope, maintains the working excavator or drilling machine in its position, even if under normal conditions it would be impossible to work in such inclined terrain. The heavy winch disposes of a mooring system that retains the wire rope permanently under the same tension and avoids sudden movements of the heavy construction machine working in inconvenient positions.

The operator of the excavator working in the slope is able to control the winch via remote control autonomously from the cabin. Alternatively the winch can be operated by a joystick via a control panel.

Securing winches of GANTNER have many technical features, which enable safe and reliable operation. Among others, a grooved drum system as well as a rope winding device for the steel cable are used. Additionally, the winch disposes of a double braking system with disc brakes (safety brakes) acting directly on the drum and a multiple disk brake (operation brake).

Using the securing winch, reduces the danger on challenging construction sites in steep slopes and increases the safety for operators and machinery.

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Technical Data

Have a look at the technical data of the winch in this project.  Download the data-sheet underneath the table.

Power TransmissionDiesel-hydraulic
Power403 kW / 550 HP
Max. line pull500 kN empty drum
415 kN full drum
Max. line speed25 m/s empty drum
50 m/s full drum
Line capacityØ 40 mm, 1.880 m
Dimensions drum350 x 350 x 255 cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions power unit360 x 220 x 240 cm (LxWxH)
Weight drum19.000 kg
Weight power unit7.200 kg

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