Service Winch for Shaft Maintenance

Grand Coulee Dam

Service Winch

Andritz Hydro


Grand Coulee Dam, Washington, USA

Installation and maintenance in a dam

GANTNER has developed a special winch for a hydroelectric power plant in the USA. It is used for carrying out maintenance and service work in a large drift shaft of the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River in Washington State in the United States.

This electro-mechanical winch is licensed for passenger transportation in order to allow fitters, machinists and construction workers to enter inaccessible places of the shaft. Thereby, a special platform is lowered or lifted along the shaft.

The winch, which has numerous safety features due to the passenger transport is driven by an electro-mechanical drive train and has a pulling capacity of 95 kN and two cable drums. A rope with a diameter of 24 mm is wound on each of the two grooved drums.

The control panel with a joystick is located directly on the winch and acts with high precision – a very important factor for winches that are used for service purposes in challenging situations.

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Technical Data

Have a look at the technical data of the winch in this project.

Power TransmissionElectro-mechanic
Power22 kW
Max. line pull95 kN
Max. line speed0,2 m/s full load
Line capacityØ 24 mm, 2 x 127 m
Dimensions280 x 400 x 290 cm (LxWxH)
Weight3600 kg

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