Winches, Cable Cranes and Components

GANTNER is an Austrian engineering and production company specialized in winch technologies. The company has developed and produced high quality winches for different applications for renowned international projects and clients since 1948. Due to several years of experience, comprehensive know-how and a process of continuous new development as well as improvement, GANTNER is one of the leading companies regarding rope-transportation solutions in branches such as the construction and cable car industry (mainly for material cable cranes), mining and power plant construction.

Complete service with wide product range

As a one-stop-shop for equipment for cable transportation systems we develop and manufacture a comprehensive range of high-performance hoists and safe-quality components such as, amongst others, rope winches, crane units, cableway accessories, tractor winches. These products are all manufactured at our company in Sulz, Austria.

High developed winch technologies as well as precise and easy controls characterize our machines, as well as a high quality of the materials and the building technique.

Service Mentality

In our endeavor to continually improve our products and service and to adapt them to the increasing demands of our customers, we lay great value on personal support. Our strength is not just the production and development of special winches – rather we are able to offer our clients our know-how in the construction of rope-transportation systems and develop customized systems.

Case Study: Egress shaft winch for deep mining shaft

In a mine in Tasmania (AUS) was installed an egress shaft winch, equipped with numerous safety features, was designed and produced by GANTNER. Get more detailed about the safe rescue winch.

underground mining winch
rescue winch system

Our Philosophy

It is our objective to play a decisive role in the success of large-scale as well as smaller projects with cutting edge products. Since several years we are involved in the development of simple, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions for particular transportation challenges of heavy loads.

Experience, innovation, precision, service and teamwork – these are the principles of our way of working. Five qualities which enable us to continually improve ourselves and thereby meet the evolving needs of our business partners. The success justifies our approach: our winches are operating in more than 35 countries and are rated as some of the safest and most reliable in the world.

Case Study: Rescue winch for a large cable car

To be able to evacuate passengers in case of incidents on the Sea to Sky Gondola in Canada, GANTNER provided a very compact and reliable rescue winch. Discover detailed information about the winch.

Member of LCS Holding

The company is part of the LCS Group based in Austria, a group of companies specialized in innovative solutions and machinery for challenging material handling in critical sections. A close cooperation between the companies contributes to know-how and expertise. Other companies of the LCS Group are LCS Cable Cranes GmbH, LCS Pipelines GmbH and ECCON GmbH.