Winches for different areas

GANTNER has many years of extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of diverse winches for different fields of application. Whether for the construction industry, mining, hydro-power or cableway industry – GANTNER has the know-how to provide a right solution. GANTNER is focuses especially on two areas, the ropeway technology and the winch technology.

material Ropeway

Cableway technologies

In more than 65 years GANTNER has developed and produced very diverse winches and drive systems as well as crane units for cable crane systems and material ropeways. The GANTNER machinery is used for small material-ropeways for example in the timber industry but also for parallel cranes and large heavy duty ropeways with payloads of over 20 tons. Equipment, which is primarily used in the construction industry such as the construction of hydroelectric power plants, pipelines, cable cars.

Thereby GANTNER is not only producing the winches and crane units, but has a broad portfolio of diverse components and accessories with a wide range of applications. From pulleys for the timber industry and assembly works to skyline supports, special support systems, cable tensioning devices and wire rope hoists.


Winch technologies

Besides a large and extensive experience in the cableway industry, GANTNER has as a great expertise in winch technologies. Not least thanks to a highly specialized team and numerous successful projects GANTNER has developed to a focused winch specialist. GANTNER’s rescue winches for cableways are installed at cableway systems of leading manufacturers. Other models of recovery winches were installed in shafts of mines. Our shaft winches contribute significantly to the construction of hydroelectric power plants, service winches are used for installation and maintenance works in shafts and other hard to reach places.

The variety of expertise GANTNER in the development, design and manufacture of winches is great. Each GANTNER winch shows individual characteristics and special applications.