Great expertise for our clients

At GANTNER, we dispose of a great know-how of over 65 years in manufacturing of cable crane equipment, components and winches. Our specialists can use their great expertise in a homogenous development and production team to our client’s benefit. It is our philosophy to bundle all our effort and know-how to reach best result for our clients.

In-house capabilities

Our in-house capabilities are multifaceted. All winches and components are from start to end produced at GANTNER: from the original idea, the design, the drawings, calculations, statics, the electrical components and electronic controls, steelworks and welding to the assembling and testing.

This gives us the possibility to offer a distinctive service to our clients, including a professional consultation and the options to fully adapt our products to our client’s requirements. Last mentioned is an important aspect when winches are used in foreign countries. Our technological competence, awareness for quality and urge for innovation are the keys for the successful manufacturing of complex machinery.


Experience and knowledge for our clients

The combination of experience and detailed knowledge of the branch, the business and the materials contribute to a large extent to the quality of our products and service. At GANTNER we lay great value on understanding our customers intentions and to offer the best possible solution. The close cooperation with clients and partners, such as LCS, a leading company for heavy load cable crane systems, are significant part of our development process and the adaptation to the respective requirements.