GANTNER is an Austrian family business which today is run in the 3rd generation. It was founded in 1948 in the Western Austrian region Vorarlberg, in the town Sulz, where the company’s headquarter is still located. Since the foundation as winch manufacturing company operating mainly in the forestry business, GANTNER has emerged in a solid way to a highly technological company and specialist in winch technologies for different areas of application.

Overview of our development

1948Founding of an engineering company for manufacturing winches, cable cranes and ancillary equipment.
1970Development of the USW series winch and development of export markets.
1980Development of hydraulic skid-mounted winches with three completely independent brake systems (without air brake) with TÜV approval.
1988Development of high-performance hydraulic skid-based winches for torrent and avalanche control construction (HSW80) , 130 and 150 Series) with TÜV approval.
1991Construction of current premises at Industriestrasse in Sulz.
2000Use of the newly-developed G-Tronic control system for the diverse types of winches.
2004Commencement of cooperation with the international active cable crane company LCS Cable Cranes with respect to the development and testing of new equipment.
2006Market introduction of the winch series GW500 with diesel-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic power units.
2009Development of the parallel crane CC-09 in cooperation with LCS Cable Cranes.
2011Development of the GC crane unit concept which is available as GC50, GC100, GC150 and GC200.
2012Re-structuring of the company with a new Management Team.
2013Implementation of various technological innovations, incl. a remote maintenance system.
2013Development and construction of the heavy-winches concept GWH for heavy load handling (80 tons).
2015Complete new development of the powerful winch GW270D and a lightweight crane unit GCS60.
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