Quality through and through

A comprehensive quality standard is the basis of our high performing products, and consequently the customers satisfaction. This is achieved, amongst others, through a proper planning and concept management and the professional counseling by our specialists. We do not only want to keep our quality but to improve it in order to provide our customers also in the future with the best machines and components.

Depending on the field of application, the winches produced and developed by GANTNER follow different norms, additionally to the machinery directive. We work according to TAS standards when we are fabricating winches and machinery for shafts or according to OITAF in regards to cable crane equipment.

A sign of our quality standard

All products at GANTNER are subject to strict controls to ensure that they fulfil all expectations for many years of continuous hard operation under diverse conditions: from tropical rain forests, hot deserts to snow and ice covered high mountain regions. GANTNER products such as winches, crane units, pulleys, supports, etc. have proven its worth in the past – they need to work during any season, under all climatic conditions or any temperature. Numerous of the first winches GANTNER ever built are still in use to the present day: A sign of our quality standard.

control system

Innovative spirit

Disposing of our own research and development department, we have a strong focus on innovation of our own products. A constant further development, introduce of new parts and options are permanent tasks of our team. We give our best to always improve our winches, crane units, pulleys, clamps, etc. Thereby we lay great value not to “overdevelop” our products but to give our client’s options and make them 100% suitable for their requirements.

Approved quality

For a functioning development, and a perfectly working machine, continuous tests are mandatory. We do not only test our machinery and components during the prototyping phases but make factory comissining tests before every delivery. All our machines are tested systematically at our own test tower at our company premises in Sulz or at our test ropeway.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Testing winches