Company Name:GANTNER Seilbahnbau GmbH
Street:Industriestrasse 8
Zip/City6832 Sulz
Country: Austria
General Manager:Joachim Seyr, Christoph Ludescher, Gilbert Domig
Commercial courtLandesgericht Feldkirch
Commercial register number:FN 35707 k
Authority according to:Bezirkshauptmannschaft Feldkirch
Form of organization:GmbH
VAT-Number: ATU19074301
Media holder: GANTNER Seilbahnbau GmbH
Domicile of the media holder:Industriestrasse 8, 6832 Sulz
Type of business:
Business License: Fabrication of winches, tractor-winches, carriages, pulleys, rescue winches, mechanical work as service
Industry: metal industry, engineering, cableway industry