GANTNER Shaft winch features in Coal International Magazine

Shaft egress winch with numerous safety featuresShaft winches

The renowned magazine Coal International published an article in its May/June edition describing a project of GANTNER for an underground mine in Tasmania: An egress shaft winch was developed and constructed.

The highly technological shaft winch with 30 kN line pull was constructed according to Australian standards and disposed of several safety features. It has a rope length of 565 m and reaches a line speed of 1 m/s. It was designed to lift and lower a rescue capsule into the 500 m deep vertical egress shaft. The article speaks about the challenges during the development of the shaft winch, the technical features and data, the manufacturing of the winch including the qua
lity control, commissioning tests as well as about the installation and integration in the shaft. The control system of the winch – developed by GANTNER, was integrated in the complete shaft system.

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