The GC200 crane unit is mainly designed for heavy-load cable crane systems and material-cableways. Thanks to a 100 hp diesel engine, it has a lifting capacity of 20 tons that can be lifted from up to 60 meters with a speed of 0.22 m/s (at maximum load).
With its two separately controllable lifting systems, it allows the position of loads, as for example pipes of a pipeline, with great precision. Pipes can be maintained in an inclined position for the welding process. Furthermore, buckets with padding material in the pipeline construction in steep terrain,
can be emptied easily at unreachable points along the track.

The GC200 disposes of a double brake system including an operation brake and a safety brake acting directly on the drum. Besides additional optional safety systems, the GC200 includes safety systems, such as a lifting limit switch, a rope-winding device, and a control for an over-winding and end  position monitor at the cable drum.

Technical Data

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Payload20.000 kg
Lifting heightMax. 60 m
Lifting speedUp to 0,75 m/s (at 4.000 kg)
Engine73 kW / 100 HP Diesel engine (2,600 rpm)
Dimensions480 x 110 x 135 cm
Carriage without chassis frame and lifting bar
Weight4.710 kg
incl. carriage, chassis, lifting bar, rope

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