The GC50 crane unit is a compact crane unit, which can be used for material ropeways and cable crane systems with a payload of up to 5,000 kg. It is mainly used in the construction industry – especially at mountain construction sites, for the construction of hydroelectric power stations or very special applications.
The crane unit is driven by a 100 hp diesel engine. Loads transported with a GC50 can be lifted from a height up to 120 m with a speed of 1.5 m/s (at 1,000 kg). The crane unit is controlled by a remote control for easy and safe control. Through various simple structural alteration works, the GC50 can be upgraded and consequently be used for higher payloads. An optional trailer with lifting system (hydraulically connected to the crane unit) can be added to the GC50. It allows the inclination of loads such as pipes. During the construction of pipelines and pressure pipelines in steep terrain, the pipes can be positioned exactly and then welded in a safe position.

Technical Data

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Payload5,000 kg
Lifting heightMax. 120 m
Lifting speedUp to 1,5 m/s (at 1.000 kg)
Engine73 kW / 100 HP Diesel engine (2,600 rpm)
Dimensions290 x 110 x 150 cm
Carriage without chassis frame and lifting bar
Weight2.300 kg
incl. carriage, chassis, lifting bar, rope

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