The GW270D is a new development of GANTNER. This compact winch is characterized by a high line speed of max.   8 m/s and strong line pull of 108 kN. It consists of a die- sel-hydraulic drive with 205 kW and high   safety-standards – among others due to a double braking system, consisting of an operation brake and a safety brake, which acts directly on the drum through high-performance disk brakes.

Its high resilience and reliability were already proven by pre- decessor and similar models in applications under challenging conditions. The GW270D was designed as sled-winch. It shows a very versatile applicability – as mounting winch for ropeway in- stallations as well as drive unit of material ropeways. Op- tionally, modules for a circular drive as well as for a winding device are available.

The high rope capacity of the cable drum of 2,200 m (at 16 mm) is another feature of the universal winch. For air trans- ports, the winch can be easily taken apart into two parts. This state-of-the-art winch offers the newest safety fea- tures. It is therefore very suitable for the construction of ma- terial-ropeways with passenger transportation.

Technical Data

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Power TransmissionDiesel-hydraulic
Power205 kW / 278 HP
Max. line pull108 kN (empty drum) - 75 kN (full drum)
Max. line speed5.6 m/s (full load) - 8.0 m/s (partial load)
Line capacityØ 16 mm 2200 m
Dimensions448 x 248 x 200 cm
Weight6,150 kg

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