The economic GW350E winch is the counterpart of the GW350D and features an electro-hydraulic drive. It is designed in a sled-frame similar to the diesel-winch and features very similar specifications. Due to the continuous electro-hydraulic transmission, the winch achieves a power of 250 kW and a line-pull of about 150 kN.

During downhill transports of a material ropeway, electric energy is recuperated. The most common area of application of this environmentally friendly winch is material ropeways of mountain construction sites with high payloads. The excess surplus which occurs on downhill transportation can be fed back through the GW350E into the existing power grid.

The electro-hydraulic winch offers optional components such as the winding device for controlled cable movement or a cir- cular-drive module in order to use the winch for cableway systems with circular drives. With its double brake system, which includes a safety brake, acting on the drum and an operation brake, the GW350E winch offers a high level of safety.

Technical Data

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Power TransmissionElectro-hydraulic
Power250 kW
Max. line pull155 kN (empty drum) - 110 kN (full drum)
Max. line speed4.5 m/s (full load) - 6.4 m/s (partial load)
Line capacityØ 20 mm 1900 m
Dimensions455 x 250 x 220 cm
Weight7800 kg

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