The HSW100 is a diesel-hydraulic winch, which is designed and built as sled-winch. It is perfectly suited as drive for small material ropeways and as assembling winch. Major areas of application include forestry as well as torrent regulation, the construction of ski lifts as well as the use as assembly winch for the installation of larger ropeways.
The HSW100 winch, which also disposes of a double brake system, can be used as circular-drive for material ropeways using the appropriate optional module.
The compact winch with a length of approximately 3 m is very flexible. It is characterized by its robustness and thus long service life. Furthermore, it can be divided into two parts for easier and more comfortable handling and transportation.

Technical Data

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Power TransmissionDiesel- hydraulic
Power119 kW / 162 HP
Max. line pull63 kN (empty drum) - 39.5 kN (full drum)
Max. line speed4.0 m/s (empty drum) - 6.5 m/s (full drum)
Line capacityØ 14 mm 1.300 m
Dimensions295 x 165 x 155 cm
Weight2,650 kg

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