Safety in all aspects

The transportation of people via material ropeways is generally a safe method. Nevertheless it is important to do whatever possible to assure the highest safety. The smallest mistake could have serious consequences. At GANTNER we have a long-standing experience in developing and producing winches and components that are used to transport people. GANTNER winches and systems for personnel transportation are used all over the world: Mining rescue winches in Australia, ropeway winches in Canada or service winches in Austria.

Especially designed for passenger transportation

Components of material ropeways which also transport manpower, auxiliary systems such as rescue baskets or platforms, winches for service purposes or rescue winches, are only some of the elements GANTNER designs and produces for the passenger transport.

Case Study: Egress shaft winch for deep mining shaft

In a mine in Tasmania (AUS) an egress shaft winch, equipped with numerous safety features, designed, produced and installed by GANTNER. Get more detailes about the safe rescue winch.

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