Complete cable crane systems for heavy loads

Together with our business partner LCS Cable Cranes, we plan and manage projects for complete cable crane systems for diverse applications: For the construction of pipelines, mountain construction sites, hydro power plants, dams and bridges. For this purpose we use calculating methods and configuration processes according to O.I.T.A.F. guidelines which ensure reliable and safe operation of the equipment. Additionally, we dispose of a detailed knowledge of our machinery and components and their capacities and usability.

Conception of a material ropeway from a module system

We design the material ropeway according to the requirements of our customers by using various existing modules. By combining these modules a working system is created. Length, payload, the type of load, terrain, construction purposes, construction sites, steepness, track, curves, etc. are some of the parameters which have to be considered when designing ropeway-systems.

We do not only provide the conception but also the planning, project management, installation and – if required – the operation of the material ropeway.

Case Study: Material ropeway equipped by GANTNER

A pumped storage plant in the Austrian Alps is not reachable during winter time. GANTNER provided the complete equipment including a 800 kW drive. Discover the details of the heavy duty ropeway.


LCS – a strong partner

The cooperation with LCS Cable Cranes allows us to include diverse experiences in the planning and conception of material rope ways and consequently execute projects in a professional way. This contributes to our capability of handling projects professionally. During our many years of business we have realized myriad projects in domestic and international markets. We are happy to provide the planning and management of your project, your cable crane or material ropeway. Furthermore, we also offer instruction and training courses by our expert personnel.

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