Know-how for our clients

GANTNER is a specialized company with an immense knowledge of rope transportation systems and services. Over 65 years of manufacturing winches and components led to a great experience. We use it directly for our clients and offer professional advice regarding winches, ropeways and components for rope transportation systems. It is one of our most important principles to satisfy our customers with our service, work and products. The expertise of professionals is applied whenever our clients need our advice.

Developments for our clients

Our company size, working procedure and philosophy, consequent flexibility, enthusiasm and, of course, expertise makes it possible to offer our clients a special service, to produce individual developments and thereby meet all our customers requirements. The effort may be a bit higher than for a standard product but we provide a solution by manufacturing customized machinery.

The development projects include a deep analysis and detailed planning, custom design, a manufacturing facility and a widespread consulting. These projects are characterized by a close communication with the client and are led by our experienced project managers.

For the production of a special winch we build on existing and functioning modular systems of the GANTNER portfolio and adjust the product respectively. This saves time and money and makes our work efficient.

Need help?

Contact us for any help on your project. We will be happy to support you and find the best solutions for your challenges.