Traditionally innovative

GANTNER is a traditional company which manufactures winches since 1948. We are in the privileged position to use proven systems and concepts which were primordially developed and still exist. However, we continuously try to improve our products with our internal development team. This is part of our DNI since we always strive to offer state-of-the-art technology and include respective winches and components in our portfolio.

Specific Development

The close relationship to our clients and partner gives us the opportunity to recognize needs and possible features for our products in an early stage. For a new construction all elements and phases of the production process are taken into account: design, drawing, engineering, electronics, controls, manufacturing including welding and assembly as well as the final testing.

Innovations are internationally acknowledged as for example in 2009, when the GANTNER carriage GSK160, which was developed in cooperation with LCS Cable Cranes, was awarded with the Runners Up Award for Innovation by the International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA).

material ropeway

Electronic competence

At GANTNER we dispose of a separate electronic division which intensively deals with each machine, especially with the control of winches and carriages as well as their software. The electronic team cooperates already during the development phase closely with the construction division, especially with respect to manufacturing prototypes. New control systems for winches and carriages with a remote control system or control devices with touchscreens are some of the new improvements at GANTNER. Also new is a remote maintenance system which enables us to support our clients all over the world.

Technology as basis

Technology is the basis of our success. During the last decade, GANTNER enhanced and improved several technological components of winches and crane units significantly. Amongst others we use new disc brake systems, the Lebus system, plug in gears, electro-hydraulic power transmission, new state-of-the-art diesel engines with the lowest emission standards, electro-mechanical winches, just to name some of our improvements.

crane pipeline

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