Winches at highest level

Winches are safe and reliable machines that enable the handling of material in challenging situations. Quality, safety and the highest standard in all aspects are fundamental and necessary. At GANTNER we are specialized on a focused development and construction for the winch and its purpose. Diverse applications and usages of winches are our working area. We develop and manufacture diverse kinds of winches, depending on the usage, theys are following different standards such as OITAF or TAS.

Shaft Winches

Small or large shaft winches following TAS norms lift and lower material and personnel in the construction industry and in mining through deep shafts in order to perform constructions, enable services or as rescue shaft winches. More about shaft winches.

Shaft winch

Securing Winches

Highest safety for huge machines in the most exposed areas can be achieved thanks to securing winches that maintain the plants in a safe position, while works (e.g. civil works) are being performed. More about securing winches.

material ropeway

Service Winches

To reach exposed locations with personnel or material, service winches contribute significantly by enabling installation, maintenance and service works at the most exposed and unreachable locations. More about service winches.

service winch

Rescue Winches

On cableways, in underground mining shafts and other locations. Safe and reliable recovery systems and winches are designed to save lives in case of incidents and dangerous situations. More about rescue winches.

rescue winch system

Cableway & Sled Winches

We dispose of a great portfolio of powerful, proven and well-constructed winches applied as drives for ropeways. They can be diesel hydraulic or either electro-hydraulic driven. More about cableway and sled winches.


Mounted Rope Winches

Auxiliary winches on huge machinery and excavators are able to facilitate performances in very exposed areas. Safe movements, secured machinery and operators and outreaching performances. More about auxiliary winches.

excavator with winches

Tractor Winches

Winches on tractors in different executions and with different performances. The GANTNER tractor winch is a specilized winch for the agriculture –  mounted on tractors to perform cabling works. More about tractor winches.

tractor winch

Customized Winches

Completely tailor-made winches to the customers needs according to diverse standards such as TAS or Australian standards. a.o. We design, develop and construct 100% GANTNER winches adapting it 100% to our client’s needs. More about customized winches.