Winches with special purposes

Our extensive know-how and great versatility of our winches allow us to design special winches for particular purposes, thereby meeting the needs of our clients a 100%.

No matter which function a winch shall have – if for a heavy-load material ropeway, for rescue operations, heavy-duty transport, assembly or maintenance – GANTNER has experience in the design and construction for all areas of application.

For the conception of a winch, we use modules of our portfolio in order to keep costs as low as possible. We produce special hoists for the mining industry, plant construction (e.g. hydro power plants), the cable car engineering or material ropeways, etc. and adapt the winch characteristics, performance and features according to its purpose.

One of GANTNER’s core competences are winches that are designed for passenger transportation, such as rescue winches and service winches for mines, cable cars or shaft winches at huge dams. Great value is placed on the accurate integration of safe working measures.

Case Study: Customized for an excavator

A complete customized winch for the Menzi Muck spider excavator. The complete system is working connected to the excavator. Get more information about the winch.

winch technologies

Professional consulting and project management

The development of a special winch is given high priority at GANTNER. As the projects are important to our clients, they are also important to us. Consequently, we lay all our efforts on developing and producing the winch our client requires, involving all of our know-how and experience in each project phase. This includes the proficiency of our team of skilled and motivated employees which offers excellent consultation and service.

Winches according to different standards

GANTNER is an experienced developer and manufacturer of winches. During the last decades, we produced a large number of different winches according to numerous standards. Generally we work according to the EC machinery directive. Winches for shafts, drift shafts and diverse material handling are mostly developed and produced according to TAS standards. We also developed shaft winches according to Australian Standards.

GANTNER winches at successful projects

Numerous projects in very different industries and branches could be executed successfully with GANTNER winches and other machinery. In a selection of case studies you can get an impression of how our powerful, reliable and safe winches are working.