Auxiliary winches for vehicles and construction machinery

GANTNER also uses its extensive expertise in the field of winches and control technology also in winches designed for vehicles. The GANTNER mounted winches are particularly suitable for larger vehicles and construction machinery. Winches can be mounted to excavators, cranes, crawler vehicles, bulldozers; trucks thereby make them safe for steep slopes and rough terrain operation.

Winches for excavators, spider excavators, trucks and other heavy equipment can provide additional functions and accessories such as grooved drum, winding device via a cross threaded spindle or rope explusion unit.

The mounted winches offer depending on the rope a capacity of a length of more than 200 m. The rope diameter is dependent on the necessary traction, usually between 14 mm and 16 mm. GANTNER has designed and built various mounted winches in the past, partly as individual product for special vehicles or serial production for winches installed on construction machines.

excavator winch

Case Study: Auxiliary winch for a spider excavator

When civil works need to be performed in very steep slopes, work can be dangerous. To minimize the danger, a mounted rope winch can be used as an auxiliary winch for support purposes. GANTNER has developed and manufactured a special mounted rope winch for Menzi Muck. Visit the case study.

GANTNER winches at successful projects

Numerous projects in very different industries and branches could be executed successfully with GANTNER winches and other machinery. In a selction of case studies you can get an impression of how our powerful, reliable and safe winches are working.