Securing winches for safe work in exposed areas

Heavy machinery and equipment that execute work on steep slopes and difficult terrain must be secured in the best possible way in order to avoid risks and dangerous situations for machinery and operators. There are often such situations when building penstocks, pipelines and roads in rough terrain. Winches allow to secure heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers and drills, while they carry out their work.

Anchored Heavy winds for as hedging winds

GANTNER securing winches GWH500 are specially developed heavy-duty winches which fulfill exactly this purpose – securing very large construction machines in the field. The winches are anchored in the ground and can thus secure the machines on a rope. By means of a mooring system the steel wire rope is permanently kept under tension to secure the machine from sudden slippage. Due to the high rope capacity of the winch the GWH500D can do this over a distance of up to 1800 m.

The excavator operator can use a remote control system to control the winch from his cabin during the climb or ascent.

GANTNER securing winches have many technical details which makes a safe and reliable operation possible. Features are grooved drums and wire spooling devices. The triple braking system consisting of disc brakes, hydraulic brakes and multi-disk brake guarantees absolute safety.

The securing winch GWH500D used for the construction of a major pipeline in North America was developed by GANTNER in 2014.

Case Study: Securing winch for pipeline slopes

For civil works in steep pipeline slopes, GANTNER designed and fabricated a winch with the purpose to secure heavy machinery such as excavators and drilling machines. Get more details about the project.

GANTNER winches at successful projects

Numerous projects in very different industries and branches could be executed successfully with GANTNER winches and other machinery. In a selection of case studies you can get an impression of how our powerful, reliable and safe winches are working.