Service winches for the construction industry

GANTNER develops special winches to reach exposed terrain with personal or materials. This may be necessary in many different areas such as mine shafts, hydro power plants, remote construction sites, dams or simply construction of ropeways or cable car supports.

Service and installation works are necessary in most plants and large systems. In many cases, they need to be performed in hard to reach locations. The use of specifically designed service winches makes it possible to facilitate such works. Staff can reach the working area in a safe manner and further heavy materials and tools materials can be made available for the assembly, disassembly or maintenance. Decisive and extremely important is also the precision and reliability GANTNER winches provide.

We have developed and manufactured several winches according to different standards besides the machinery directive. For shaft winches we apply the TAS standards, and have already produced winches according to Australian Standards.


Case Study: Service winch for Grand Coulee Dam

A special service winch for shaft maintenance works in the famous Grand Coulee dam in Washington (USA) was designed and fabricated by GANTNER. Get detailed information about the service shaft winch.

Various applications

Typical GANTNER service winches are often used in shafts where staff is lowered with working platforms to perform assembly and maintenance work. GANTNER could develop another type of service winch for cableway manufacturers: A compact winch that allows a vehicle to drive on the supporting cables to execute maintenance work in the most efficient manner. This area of application is finally exactly the factor that determines the characteristics of a winch designed and manufactured by GANTNER.

Case Study: Service winch for pipe installation

Additionally to a large heavy duty winch, GANTNER provided a very safe winch to lower manpower into a shaft to gain access for pipe installation works. Visit the case study for more information.

GANTNER winches at successful projects

Numerous projects in very different industries and branches could be executed successfully with GANTNER winches and other machinery. In a selection of case studies you can get an impression of how our powerful, reliable and safe winches are working.