Means of transportation

Capital projects in different areas of the construction and mining industry require moving of materials from or into shafts. Reliability, precision, performance and safety are critical factors for a successful operation. GANTNER has a long-standing experience to design and manufacture winches for such applications.

Case Study: Egress shaft winch for underground mining

A rescue winch with numerous safety features was installed in Tasmania (AUS) in a vertical mining shaft. Its purpose was to save workers in case of an accident. Get more information on this mining rescue winch.

Shaft winches for material and personnel

GANTNER shaft winches are successfully in operation in inclined and vertical shafts to move materials and people, e.g. for construction of the penstock for hydro power plants where a winch for transportation of service personnel and a heavy-duty winch for transportation of large-diameter pipes are used. Such winches are also used for maintenance work at dams, as rescue winches and as winches for mining shafts.

Case Study: Heavy duty shaft winch for pumped storage plant

GANTNER developed and produced a shaft winch with a payload of 60 tons, which was used to lower enormous pipes into a shaft. It was accompanied by a service winch for installation. Read more.

TAS and other standards

GANTNER is an expert for machinery that needs to handle heavy loads for shafts such as winches for hoisting plants, mining hoists, platform winches to handle trolleys and installation platforms.

Conveying materials from or into shafts is necessary in many areas of the construction and mining industry, in order to realize large projects. Thereby, the reliability of the conveyor, but also the performance, precision and safety are critical for the success. In drift shafts and vertical shafts, winches carry materials as well as personnel in order to perform installation and maintenance works.

We develop and manufacture our winches according to TAS Standards, but also have experience in the construction according to Australian Standards.

GANTNER winches at successful projects

Numerous projects in very different industries and branches could be executed successfully with GANTNER winches and other machinery. In a selction of case studies you can get an impression of how our powerful, reliable and safe winches are working.