Winches for forestry and agricultural works

GANTNER tractor winches proved themselves during many years. They were and are used especially in the forest industry and agriculture.

Our mounted winches for tractors or excavators, as well as our gypsy winches distinguishes themselves through advantageous characteristics that are confirmed by our customers: Reliability, long life, simple and secure handling, as well as easy assembly are only a couple of their typical features:

The winches are stable, field proven and dispose of a solid construction. The band brake is acting directly on the rope drum and respond as load lowering brake for a smooth lowering of the load. It allows slant pulling up to 45°. The multiple disk clutches provide a gentle gear shifting even under load. The hydraulic drive of the winch can be controlled via remote control based on cable or radio systems.

Additionally to the tractor winches, GANTNER develops, designs and manufactures gypsy winches and other attachable winches for vehicles such as excavators, crawler vehicles and others.

All our winches are examined by civil engineers or the TÜV with approved certificate and are CE-conform.

Tractor winches with high performance

Our tractor winches are available in different executions. They are known for their long durability and easy handling.

GANTNER tractor winches

The GANTNER tractor winch is available in three standard types:

  • Single drum winch (GANTNER T80)
  • Double drum winch (GANTNER DT80)
  • 3-Point linkage winch (GANTNER T803P or DT803P)

The winches dispose of a maximum line pull of 85 kN per drum (2x 85 at DT winches) and reach a line speed of 0.8 m/s. Depending on the rope diameter of 12-14 mm, the winches have a maximum capacity of 180 m (at 14 mm) or 240 m (at 12 mm). Its main drive needs approx. 45-220 KW (60-300 HP) from the carrying vehicle. The dimensions of the blade is defined according to the tractor size and customer requirements.