Versatile winches with high output power

Many of the winches designed and built by GANTNER are an important part in the ropeway industry, whether as drives for larger and smaller equipment ropeways or mounting winches when installing cable car system.

GANTNER winches have great versatility. Depending on the size, power and rope speed they are also very often used for pulling in agriculture and in the forest industry. GANTNER has an extensive program of winches for a wide range of applications in this area. GANTNER customizes these winches also to specific customer requirements.

On pages winches for cable car systems (up to 680 kW) and assembly and forestry winches (up to 52 kW) you can find a product overview and details for each winch.

Case Study: Material ropeway equipped by GANTNER

A pumped storage plant in the Austrian Alps is not reachable during winter time. GANTNER provided the complete equipment including a 800 kW drive. Discover the details of the heavy duty ropeway.


Powerful winches and drives

We dispose of many high performing winches for cableways in our portfolio. From smaller installations to heavy duty material ropeways. Electro-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic winches achieve very high performances.